6 Avoidable Common Mistakes with End-of-Life Planning

Did you know that people who plan in advance for the end-of life
  • Spend LESS time in hospitals
  • Receive FEWER intensive treatments
  • Have greater QUALITY of life in their final days
Not only this, their surviving relatives experience less stress, anxiety and depression during their loved one’s final days.
If this is the case, why have only 20-30% of Americans put their end-of-life wishes in writing?  Have you?
Here are six common mistakes to avoid when doing your own end-of-life planning:
1. Putting it off for a later time
2. Choosing the wrong healthcare proxy
3. Getting lost in the details
4. Not discussing your plans with your doctor
5. Not expressing your wishes to your loved ones
6. Not updating your end-of-life preferences over time
As you start planning for the end-of-life, seek out guidance from a professional to review your plans and tackle the tough conversations.  The earlier you start planning, the easier the conversations will be.
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