I was impressed with Ed's professional manner and in-depth knowledge of insurance products. He inspires confidence in his ability, which has led me to recommend Ed to many of my colleagues and friends.

Gerald F.

Ed is extremely knowledgeable about insurance and investments. I enjoy doing business with him because he gives me the information I need and then allows me to form my own conclusions. Some people you go back to again and again. Ed's sincerity and reliability have made me a loyal client.

Cam Z.

Ed is thorough, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. His ability to translate complicated insurance terms into meaningful, everyday language makes discussing uncomfortable "life" events with him much less overwhelming.

Kerry F.

Ed took the time to listen-educating us and helping us with personal financial decisions. He keeps in touch, regularly calling and personally sending news clippings. We are now on a path to save the money we'll need for retirement.

Victor and Jennifer G.

I trust Ed. He is really into his work and loves what he is doing. That is what makes him so good at it.

Sharon B.

It's a good thing I ran into Ed. Otherwise, I don't know where I'd be now. He advised me on where to put my money, and if my plans continue as well as they have, I will be in a position to retire very nicely. I look at Ed as more than just an advisor. I look at Ed as a friend.

Lynn B.