Life Insurance for Children ~ A Personal Story

Not many people know this; my brother was born when I was six and he died two weeks later. Shortly thereafter, my father bought life insurance policies on my sister and me. Regardless of the reason for his purchase, there are other reasons to provide life insurance on a child as young as age one.

Why?  It guarantees their insurability when:

  • They start college (and the parent has loan)
  • They get married (and need to protect the spouse)
  • They buy a home (and have a mortgage)
  • They start a business (and need a loan)
  • They have a child or children (and need to protect the family)

At each of these life events, life insurance plays a role. Doesn’t it make sense to apply for life insurance when the child is young and healthy, and insurable?  Premiums are low, and when the child has a stable job, they can become the owner (and payer) of the policy.

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