My Life Insurance Checklist:

Life Insurance is one of the best gifts we can give our loved ones.  It helps protect them, and your legacy.  An honest look at this checklist, and a consultation can put you and your loved ones at ease…
My Life Insurance Checklist:
__ Do I have enough life insurance?
__ Was the amount based on a professional analysis?
__ Do I know how long the life insurance will last?
__ Was the agent independent, able and willing to sell policies of many insurers?
__ I know if my need for life insurance is temporary or permanent?
__ Do I need to convert any term life insurance to permanent policies?
__ Will my current health affect my ability to obtain new life insurance?
__ Am I in a hazardous occupation or engaged in a risky sport?
__ If I die tomorrow, is there enough life insurance to pay off my/family debts?
__ Is there enough life insurance to provide a life income for my spouse?
__ Is there enough insurance to educate my children?
__ Am I proud of the life insurance I am providing for my family?
If you answered “No,” or (like most of us) “don’t know,” please let me know when the best time is to contact you!

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